Heres to 34!


Today is my Birthday.  This 30 something (getting closer to mid 30’s) Mama is using today to reflect on this past year, how my family has grown, how my business has grown Deer Child and also how I have grown, not only as a Mama, and a wife but also in myself.  Honestly I can say it’s hard! Hard to get out of bed somedays, hard to put on that smile for the world to see and hard to take time for ourselves, but I do it, sometimes pushing through. Counting down the hours and minutes to bed time.  Counting down to that reward of a glass of wine, a hot bath or even just to unplug and watch HGTV.  But I am thankful everyday, for my family, my husband, my kids, my business and my home.

I decided, although I am always extremely busy, I want to take some time for myself, my passions and do something that is just for me.  I decided to start this little blog to help me showcase my passion for home decor.  I am a lover of vintage finds, bohemian nights and giving life to items that sometimes get lost.  Each piece has a history and was once loved by another, and I hope to bring a little love back to it.  I hope I inspire you, this is a learning curve for me, I am a bit nervous similar to how you might feel on your first date – what will they think of me? what will I think of them? will I have anything worth saying? could this turn into something? – and I look forward to inviting you into our home and to show you all what I get enjoyment out of in my spare time.


I hope you stay awhile, watch me grow and enjoy my finds.

Addy xxoo

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