A room to grow


When we were still pregnant with Axel I decided I wanted to start his nursery.  We never got a chance to decorate a nursery for our first Linden, as he was born 7.5weeks early, in Canada, unexpected and spent almost a month in the NICU after he was born, him and I ended up staying in Canada with nothing but a suitcase and living with my Mom, while my hubby had to go back to Cairo and work, (long story but we will talk about that another day). So I almost felt like I missed out in planning the perfect room to bring my babes home too.

I knew when it came to decorating Axel’s room, I wanted it to be reminiscent of the time we spent in Africa. Bright bohemian colors, strong bold prints, natural woods, and still playful. I also wanted to create a room that we can easily change once he transitions from crib to bed.

Because of my love for thrifting and giving new life to to forgotten home goods, many of the items are pieces I have collected along the way.  Our rug we purchased from a street vendor in Cairo, if I remember correctly I bargained it down to $50 and is completely handmade.  The baskets in his room were also bought from locals in the streets of Cairo, you can watch them hand weave each one.


One of my favourite additions to the room is the dresser my Mom gave us.  It was from her wedding furniture bought 36 years ago.  The complete set was from the 1920’s and although it has been through a move or two, and many years, it just needed a bit of TLC to bring it back to life.  I chalk painted it in Annie Sloan ‘Duck Egg’.  We also have the bed and mirrored set, which one day I hope to give life too.

Another piece we found was a toy chest.  My husband does some side work, to bring in some ‘fun’ money, and does a lot of moves for people.  One recent job he had was doing a dump run for an old storage locker and he asked if they would mind if we kept the chest.  I planned on painting it, but for now I like the bit of wood it brings back into the room.

I love mixing prints (sometimes it gets a bit too printy – is that a word?) but I couldn’t find anything I loved for his crib so I ended up making bumper pads and a few pillows.  Of course he also needs one of our play tents Deer Child  – we might have 3! in our home, but when your Mama makes tents, you can never have enough places to imagine and play.

Axel has always been fascinated with Animals – we have been signing a lot of ‘birds’, ‘cat’, ‘dog’ and every morning and nap when he wakes up, he points at his gorilla and grunts – still need to figure out the sign for gorilla, but for now I lightly pound my chest and say ‘gorilla, gorilla’. The curtains I also needed to jazz up, so I added two rows of fringe we had left over from making tents. I hope this is room that creates whimsy, wonderful dreams and he can enjoy, imagine and grow in.

Enjoy! Addy xxoo



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