DIY quick Casa Beads


Lately I am loving all this beachy boho natural wood bead look for home decor, so I thought I would start with something quick and easy to incorporate a bit into our home.  I found these big 25mm beads on Amazon  , for $5 I couldn’t not, and had some jute rope from craft projects so with the help of a crafty 3 year old, we decided to give it a go one morning after breakfast.

I started by creating the tassel end by wrapping the jute around a lid of one of our tupperware containers 15 times and then secured it at the top with a knot.  I then wrapped a bit of rope around the top 1/3 and knotted it.  Then cut the bottom. I started by doubling the jute and treading 3 beads and then splitting the jute to tread the remaining beads (I used 17 in total).  When the two sides met up I tied a knot and retreaded the ends through.  Almost looks like a mini Mala necklace.  (wish I took more pictures, but it was so quick I didn’t get a chance).  All the while Linden was  creating – ‘bead snakes’.

I’ve read that you can oil the beads with olive oil, or wood stains but I liked the natural un polished look of them.

Hope you enjoy, my quick and easy way to add a bit of texture, trendy and whimsey to your home decor.

xoxo Addy

Art, one of our favourite songs by Bruce Springsteen – custom made by Decor by Nature

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