Peace, LOVE and my fav DIY Pillow


As you all know I love me some pillows.  A while back I posted my easy DIY 30min pillow cover using some hand dyed shibori fabric, and, I thought it was time for a new pillow post.

I have been in LOVE with these pillows from the Cross but with the hefty price tag I had to come up with something myself.  Y’all know I love to work with remnants of fabric and I had some left over drop cloth from my curtains and some linen in my sewing stash, so I got to work.

My favourite place to buy pillow inserts is at IKEA, super economical and come in standard sizes for easy projects.  For this one I purchased the large 26″ pillow here forms as I thought they’d be cute on the bed but also as floor pillows for the boys.

I used the same pillow instructions I posted HERE . I started by measuring out my canvas – for pillows of this size I used 26″x26″ fabric for the front and 16″x26″ (make 2 of these for the fold) for the back. I used Microsoft word and chose the size of letters and font I wanted and printed them on regular paper in black, cut em out and placed them upside-down on my scrap of linen.  I found this to be easiest and traced them out in pencil so that when I flipped them correctly you wouldn’t see any pencil markings.

Once cut out I placed them right side onto the front of my pillow and used a zigzag stitch to hold them in place.  Be careful around the rounded edges as I kind went a little cracra with my zagging, but you can’t tell unless you get up real close.


Once the front is finished (following my old instructions from this POST) sew the back folds onto (right sides together) and flip inside out.

Do the same for the second pillow, press with an iron and voila! Two super inexpensive pillows.  You could use any saying and really make them in any size – just remember to measure the pillow first for the front and add 4 inches to the back two panels for the fold. I think it would be a great gift with ‘HOME’ written on them for a housewarming, or ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ for a wedding present – the options are endless.

Hope you enjoy!

Addy xoxo

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