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It has taken me a bit longer than I hoped but I am so excited to share with you our kitchen revamp.  We bought our 1990’s home about 2 years ago, and I despised the kitchen.  It was a typical 1990’s European cabinets, yellow beige counter tops and a giant ‘u’.  I LOVE an open concept kitchen but, with 2 littles, a hardworking hubby and running my own business we just don’t have the time (or money) for a huge renovation.  I decided we needed an update. I didn’t want to spend a lot, I need to be able to do it during naps or in the evening, I needed something more my style and also kid proof.

After scouring pinterest for inspiration, I found my DREAM Kitchen – white uppers, deep navy lowers (good for hiding fingerprints), marble tops and brushed gold hardware.  Well we for sure couldn’t afford this so I had to become thrifty.


 I started by decided on paint.  I had watched a few tutorials on chalk painting my cabinets and thought ‘lets do this’.  My favourite chalk paint is Country Chic and a wonderful gal sells it in Comox (if your thinking about it do it! Jan at Seas the Day is amazing and so helpful).  I wanted to be sure to do this process correctly.  So I highly recommend getting all the paints they suggest.  I started the process by painted the wood with a product called Zinnser .  Its available at Home depot and is a MUST for if you have old wood cabinets.  The issue is, sometimes, old stain can bleed through paint (even multiple coats) once you apply a top coat.  So to be safe be sure to take the time for this step.  You are welcome to paint the entire cabinet in it or just the wood part (I opted for just the wood).  Next I added Country Chic Primer  – this helps for the paint to adhere to the melamine and created a smooth finish.  Let that dry over night and the next day it was time to paint! Following that I applied two coats of paint.  I decided on ‘Simplicity’ for our uppers and ‘Peacoat’ for the lowers- so important to get a good brush too.  I am a true believer in buying quality if your going to take the time to do a kitchen revamp.  After two coats of paint I painted the entire cabinet in Tough Coat this is also a must and once cured (apx 1 week, it makes the cabinets so strong that you can spray them and wipe them no problem). Already the kitchen was looking incredible.  And trust me, it seems like a big step all this painted but soooooo worth it.  (We are also going to do both our bathrooms in the same process and paint – coming soon).

Next was tackling the counters.  I love marble, but heck I don’t have that kinda moolah. So I have seen a few bloggers, I follow, use this peel and stick contact counter paper – it looks just like marble in a repeated pattern.  So for under $100 I bought 4 rolls of  Marble contact paper on Amazon.  It is basically a roll of sticker paper that you place over the existing counters and smooth out super super slowly with a card (just used a credit card – lots of tutorials on YouTube).  I had a few hiccups with this so I would recommend getting one extra roll just to be sure, as it has a bit of give but once you pull it up a few too many times it doesn’t lie flat.  The other trouble is sometimes you get a few air bubbles so I just poked a small hole with an exacto knife once it was completely down and worked out the air.  We’ve had it on our counters for 3 weeks and it is incredible.  Totally wipe-able, kid tested and looks amazing.  The only thing is no direct heat on it – but really would you put a hot pot on laminate?

Last was the hardware.  I know gold is sooooo 90’s and when we moved in we threw out all that gold, but its coming back people.  Plus bushed gold is so much more dreamy than the brassy gold from back in the day.  I loved these Pulls  and they were surprisingly affordable.  I do have to say they are very light weight, but for the price I think its a steal.

I love to cook, always have.  I also think the kitchen is the heart of the home.  We all spend so much time prepping, eating and creating memories here.  My 3 year old has recently found a love of helping mommy out and made his first hollandaise this past week, so I wanted to be sure to have somewhere we all loved and were proud of.  In total the entire revamp cost us $300 – pretty good for an old 90’s kitchen.  One day we will knock that wall down, and I we can do the marble tops and shaker doors I long for, but for the instant I am in love with it.  Hope I can inspire you, and happy to help if any of you are thinking of doing a revamp.

Enjoy! Addy xoxo

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    1. It was a bit tricky. If you can I would recommend removing the sick and applying it and then re attaching it. Our was not caulked so it was easier. Good luck!

  1. Where did you find the hardware?
    Those counters are amazing.. who knew you could put sticky paper on!! Beautiful colour choices!!
    Have you seen the tutorial on WHITE concrete counters!! (Check out chrislovesjulie)

    1. Thanks Shelley, the hardware was from Amazon. Very inexpensive and I was super impressed. We hope to do the same for both of our bathrooms.

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